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Greentree Naturals CSA Program

hillary's beets Note: We are no longer offering our CSA program but wanted to leave this archive for other farmers as a model to use for their own CSA.

The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), provide a direct link between local farmers and consumers by allowing members to purchase a share of a farmer's crop before it's produced each season. This allows the farmer to pay for seed, water, equipment, etc., up front, so she/he is less reliant on banks and loans to produce local food. Each week, usually during June through September, the farmer delivers great tasting, certified organic, healthful food to predetermined locations. In some instances, members pick up the share directly from the farm.

Being a member of a CSA gives consumers the chance to choose how their food is grown. Eating locally grown, freshly harvested food is the basis of a healthy diet and is recommended by health-care professionals. CSA offers the opportunity for you to reconnect with the rhythms of nature by eating produce when it is in season.

linda with kaleGreentree Naturals has been using the CSA arrangement since 1998 to supply our community with high quality, farm fresh certified organic produce.  We are one of the oldest successful CSA’s in the region.  A share provides you with roughly enough fresh produce to serve the needs of a two person family for a week with extra to freeze or share with neighbors.  Many of our members have been with us since the beginning. We believe that this is a good sign that we are doing something right!

Our goal is to promote sustainable agriculture and create a healthy rural community by sharing the best of what our gardens have to offer. Since we are dependent on Mother Nature for how things grow, there are no guarantees. The selection of produce that we deliver changes every week; the first grocery bags of the season are full of spring greens and herbs; as the season progresses, the variety and quantity increases. We sometimes supplement with some of our homemade jams and value added products that we typically sell at the local farmers market.

csa tomatoes beans and peppers

CSA Shares

wendy, erin and squashShares will be delivered to your home or office in the Sandpoint area for fourteen weeks during the peak of the growing season (June – September). Each delivery includes a weekly newsletter with recipes, cooking tips and serving suggestions. Every newsletter features recipes that are specific to the season and what's in the bag. This page has links to Recipe pages with some of our favorites. We are certified organic and as needed, will purchase produce form other local certified organic farms within our local community of Bonner County.

We want to sell our food directly to you to insure freshness and quality at a fair price. The produce you receive is harvested by hand and delivered within 24 hours of harvest. It is our goal to provide you with the best that we have to offer during the peak of the harvest season. We want you to come to visit the farm and see where your food is coming from! Being a CSA member means eating farm fresh, organic produce that is packed with natures own vitamins & minerals. Everything has been double washed with care to assure you a safe and local food source.


Summer CSA csa eggplant

The CSA starting date to be determined. We will contact you a week before we are ready to start up, which is typically the last week of June or first week of July.   Deliveries are weekly every Wednesday and provide you with plenty of variety of garden fresh certified organic produce into the fall season when things are abundant.  Deliveries begin at 9am on Wednesdays.

To allow us time to plan our gardens and reserve your season share of our crops, we require a $35.00 membership fee. Please contact us for an application. If full payment of season share is made by this date, the $35.00 membership fee is disregarded. To reserve a season share or to purchase by the month, give us a call or email us to discuss details and request an application!

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Please note that shares are sold on a first come, first served basis -- based on when your payment arrives in the mail the farm. We have to pay sales tax to the State of Idaho on the produce that you get from us, so will share this 6% financial burden with you..

Comments from Our CSA Members

"I think you had a well balanced selection as nature progressed through the season. GREAT JOB! We feel honored to be a part of your show, which is the real reason we subscribe."
   --Marilyn McIntyre

"I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the fresh garden delights. And as far as the greens - there are never too many of those! I love all of the varieties of salad greens and hope there will be lots through the summer. I am somewhat obsessed with arugula - and the size of yours is a treat. I'd love to find a year-round source as it is such a wonderful, flavorful green. Thanks for your hard work and sharing your bounty! Thanks for your hard work, dedication and fabulous service!"
   -- Kendra Gray

"Another great week - we love the herbed salt on practically everything! Also, I enjoyed the tofu and liked it in left over potato salad. Swiss chard quesadillas with spicy beans and cheese are so good !!! Hope you get a little free time over the 4th. I love the newsletter and really look forward to it. I’ve saved them all. Got some great recipes!"
   -- Linda Heisell

"Thanks for such generous portions. I appreciate that everything is washed and ready to eat!"
   -- Ruby Lowe

"We always enjoyed the newsletters and recipes and emptying my bag was always enjoyable! So much appreciated the clean, fresh veggies."
   -- Lois Wythe

"Thanks for another great year.  We appreciate all your hard work.  It was wonderful to visit your farm too!"
   -- Andrea Ward

"We liked the mix this year – never had yellow beets before (that was fun).  Also enjoyed the fruit; nice to get chard and lettuce late in the season."
  --Cecilia Spence

"It is wonderful produce and I love the element of surprise. Both my husband and I reach for your newsletter when the bag arrives.He usually gets to read it first while I put the groceries away."
   -- Heather Hellier

CSA Program Newsletters

With our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, we always include recipes and serving suggestions for what is fresh from the garden. Please visit our newsletter page for links to sample issues and recipes.

csa veggies

CSA Payment options:

___ A Full Season's Share ($35.75 / week)
       $500.50 - Full Season Share/ 14 weeks
                       (Full Season Share includes 6% Idaho Sales Tax)

If you prefer making monthly payments:

___ $166.83 - Three monthly payments for 14 weeks of produce (includes 6% Idaho Sales Tax)

___ Farm Fresh free range eggs available @ $4.00 per dozen.
        (We have a limited number of chickens laying eggs. Egg shares must be reserved ahead of time!)

___Bouquet of Fresh Flowers available @ $12.00 per week
       (If you call 2 days in advance, we can add a bouquet for special occasions to your order!)

*We also offer gift certificates for subscriptions and special gift boxes.

bouquet   thom bagging  erin and lettuce

erin and beets  harvesting brocolli   csa tomatoes



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